Nails - Unsilent Death

I'm going to assume you've already heard this. If you haven't you need to remedy that immediately. Six Feet Under Records describes them as "Entombed covering Napalm Death." which is fairly accurate. Merciless, shredding, grinding hardcore with an oh so bitter and blood-soaked grindcore aftertaste. Delicious.


Wormlust - Demo

Icelandic black metal. Sounds like a winning combination on paper, right? Well it is. This demo is one twelve minute track that is sure to cause you to spontaneously astral project to the frostbitten, rubble-strewn coastline of their home country. Shows a lot of promise, can't wait to hear more from these guys.


Get Wasted

Greetings, gentle reader. I am merely making an appearance to inform you I've added a follow link to the blog since people are somehow following it anyway. Guide your cursor to said button to have postings rammed down your internet. That is all.

Innumerable Forms - Dark Worship

This is some seriously sinister shit, fellas. The one man death metal project of Justin Detore of Mind Eraser. No frills, no triggers, only pain and suffering. Old school and archaically recorded death metal for only the sturdiest of metal warriors. Anyone with even a mild interest in diabolical brutality, this is a mandate from ye olde waste to listen to this. Obey. Immediately.

Bone Awl - Sunless Xyggos

So apparently Klaxon finally went under, which isn't a huge surprise as those guys ran their label like a total shitshow. This is a final tape from punkish black metal dweebs Bone Awl. Same feel as the rest of their stuff, fast and furious black metal riffs, awkwardly recorded percussion. This tape is instrumental and especially savage, the repetitive riffage pretty pummeling. Harsh shit. They even slowed it down to a lumbering stomp for the final track What Are You Waiting For which I especially enjoyed.