Pallbearer - Demo (2010)

May 2012 bring us a full length from these dudes, because this demo is still astounding every time I hear it.

I hope 2012 brings you endless triumph, reader.


Meth Drinker

Meth Drinker - Meth Drinker (2011)

Hate-filled and occasionally dissonant sludge from New Zealand that moves at the pace of a sinister molasses, or sludge, if you will. Usually this sort of thing just makes me want to switch over to Eyehategod, but this has held my interest.



Here are some non-metal very cool albums from 2011. Maybe this isn't what you wanted from this blog. Maybe this isn't what you expected from this blog. Well nobody asked you what you want or expect, huh? This blog sucks, get over it.

This is Part Three, though. You can see Part One and Part Two here and here, respectively.

ASAP Rocky - Live.Love.ASAP

This was probably my most anticipated rap/hip-hop release of the year and it's basically everything I hoped for and more. MY FUCKIN' BRAIN IS PURPLE.

Zola Jesus - Conatus

I don't really know what to say other than I usually like women singing over weird music so this is right up my alley. Maybe your alley will like this very cool album too.

Mariachi El Bronx - Mariachi El Bronx II

What happens when you band makes a mariachi band and the mariachi version of your band blows your shitty regular band out of the water? What happens when you make a second mariachi album and it's just as good if not better than the first one?

Frank Ocean - Nostalgia/Ultra

Someone shittier and more annoying than myself might write something like, "R&B for the new generation". Along with compatriot The Weeknd, Francis Ocean is giving just a little bit of credibility back to a genre that's been completely shit on and ruined over the past 15 or 20 years.


This is Part Two. You can see Part One here at your leisure.

40 Watt Sun - The Empty Room

This album is a depressing fog of 'doom' that will wash over you and bum you out. Definitely not doom in any sort of the classical sense. More like buttrock slowed down and fuzzed out. Either way, Very Cool.

Necros Christos - Doom of the Occult

More 'doom', this time blacky-deathy with lots of weird nerd shit in between the songs. A supremely sinister and Very Cool aural assault. That link is even 320 kbps so you can hear all the nerd shit extra good.

Blessed Offal - Blessed Offal

This EP was horribly overlooked this year. While it isn't groundbreaking (not that anything I listen to ever is) it definitely deserves quite a bit more attention than it's gotten. Basically what I'm trying to say is Blessed Offal put out some Very Cool doom-laden death this year.

Yob - Alta

Yob released an album this year, so as one would expect here it is. On a list at the end of it. Very cool.

Stinking Up The Night

Death Breath - Stinking Up The Night (2006)

Why do Black Breath and Death Breath have such similar names AND sounds? If you name your band after some sort of breath will it also sound like this? These are just some of life's unfathomable mysteries, so stop trying to fathom them and just enjoy these greasy riffs.


BONUS CONTENT: Let It Stink (2007) (EP)


Firstly, I hate making numbered lists. It's impossible for me. I just don't have the time or even the desire to construct anything like that for you retards. Instead, here are some cool albums that happened to be released in 2011 posted in a completely arbitrary order. Literally the same order I thought of them in. There are plenty of top lists out there provided by other people and places, if you absolutely NEED a definitive pecking order, try checking out THIS ONE or THIS ONE, both posts from blogs that I PERSONALLY READ ALL BY MYSELF ON MY VERY OWN COMPUTER that post about COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.

Immolation - Providence

This EP is very cool, even though Scion is associated. I don't really know what else to write about it. It sounds like Immolation and that's all I ask of them.

Autopsy - Eternal Macabre

Dude I love it when an oldschool band comes out with a new album and it's REAL GOOD. This album is almost as very cool as the artwork is.

Crowbar - Sever The Wicked Hand

This album is very cool if you already liked Crowbar. If you didn't it probably didn't convert you. It's very cool because I still remembered it even though it came out in like... February.

Disma - Toward The Megalith

This album is very cool, but you already knew it that because it's literally on every top list that matters. Also, this is a definite contender for most Very Cool artwork of the year.

Corpsessed - The Dagger & The Chalice

This is definitely one of my favorite Very Cool death metal albums of the year. If you don't have it already you're slippin' so hard you already fell on your stupid ass. Idiot.

Rotten Sound - Cursed

Rotten Sound is the only grindcore band I've posted so far. Very Cool.

This is all the blog post posting I have patience for at the moment. I'll try to enlighten you further in the next installment of VERY COOL ALBUMS THAT CAME OUT IN 2011.

The Big Come Up

The Black Keys - The Big Come Up (2002)

Their new album had me thinking about when they played the blues and I liked them. Now they mostly just play indie rock and I tolerate them. I feel like their sound is a bit thin on this album but I still enjoy it quite a bit. I can only imagine what this album would sound like with some thick ass bass on it.


Satanic Royalty

Midnight - Satanic Royalty (2011)

Blackened and crusty heavy metal for fans of Hellhammer, Motorhead, Venom, etc.


Black Breath

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing (2010)

Black Breath - Razor to Oblivion (2008)

Saw these guys live for the first time last night. AwEsOmE.

Dawn of Possession

Immolation - Dawn of Possession (1991)

Phonin' it in ya'll.

Still a great album though.


Dystopia - The Aftermath (1999)

Black friday inspired post.


Don't Look Back

John Lee Hooker - Don't Look Back (1997)

This album was a collaboration between John Lee Hooker and Van Morrison. Despite it being a little bit more laid back than I tend to take my blues, it won a Grammy in the Best Traditional Blues category in 1998. This is the perfect companion for your holiday travels. Drive safely, folks.

Boom Boom.


Blood Lust

Uncle Acid and The Dead Beats - Blood Lust (2011)

Blood Lust.

Ominous Bloodline

Bedheaded - Ominous Bloodline (2005)

First things first, I found out about this album via Illogical Contraption, and if you don't frequent that ridiculous cesspool you probably should. Anyway, I'm really picky about my brutal death metal. I won't just sit here and listen to any ol' slam (Attn Japanese wiggers: This is not a slam album), but this album appeals to me for some weird reason despite horrible clickety clackity of the drums. Really the only reason I even listened to it was because they didn't go with a shitty name they picked out of an anatomy textbook. Despite this less than glowing review, this record has had my speakers going hammer on the way to and from work for the past week or so.

Bammer bammer bammer.

Phoenix From The Ashes

Hate Eternal - Phoenix From The Ashes (2011)

This one will definitely be on any sort of "annual top list" that ends up getting posted around here. Furious and unforgiving.

Side note: I really dislike Hate Eternal's choices in album artwork almost every time.



Reduced To Sludge

Funerus - Reduced To Sludge (2011)

John McEntee Rules

To Serve Man

Cattle Decapitation - To Serve Man (2002)

This is one of the first, if not the actual first, death metal albums I ever heard. Travis Ryan's vocals are still a biological marvel to me and the amount of times I have seen that man intentionally vomit makes my head spin.


Souls At Zero

Neurosis - Souls At Zero (1992)

The turning point.



Orchid - Capricorn (2011)

Yes. I am completely okay with any and all Sabbath worship. Just so happens this band does a sensationally good job at it. I think Doomantia said it best: "... While other Sabbathians such as Witchcraft come across as sounding like 'camp-fire' doom-rock, Orchid are the total opposite."

If you like Black Sabbath a lot you will like this band. A lot. In fact the third track Black Funeral literally sounds like a bizarro Sabbath song.

Camp Fire.

None So Vile

Cryptopsy - None So Vile (1996)

Slit Your Guts.


Truckfighters - Phi (2007)

I showed someone this band and they got really excited. Great fuzzed out rock from Sweden. Their album Gravity X is also worth noting and I probably would have got more cred points if I posted that one instead.


Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go

Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (1997)

Someone mentioned this band today, so naturally all I've been listening to is this album. Here you go.



Immolation - Providence (2011)

New Immolation EP brought to you by Scion A/V oddly enough. Why Scion dabbles in death metal I have not a clue, but cool I guess, or whatever. It's being distributed for free tomorrow, but here it is a day early. I'm not going to describe the music because you know what Immolation sounds like.


The Tomb Awaits

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (2011)

A beautiful and sensuous classical guitar intro leads into some seriously beefy death metal. I literally sat and thought about it for a few minutes, which word would I use to describe this sound? Beefy is what I came up with. An old school sound without sounding like they're playing tabs they got off the internet.

Here's a review from their shoutbox:

"New album very old! thank you!!!!!"


Opus Eponymous

Ghost - Opus Eponymous (2010)

I've been listening to really shitty music lately, so I'll just post this instead for those that have somehow missed it. Evil Lucifer loving music from Sweden.

Human Sacrifice.

Welcome To Sky Valley

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley (1994)

Welcome to Sky Valley is the third studio album by American stoner rock/metal band Kyuss, originally released on June 28, 1994.


At A Loss

Buzzov*en - At A Loss (1998)

Don't bring me down.

At A Loss.

Thee DestroyOrr

Integrity - Thee DestroyOrr (2011)

I'm gonna keep the clevo hardcore tip rolling. Maybe I'l post some OLC next (you fruits). I'm still awake for some reason, so here's Thee DestroyOrr. Rob Orr is an amazing guitarist and possibly my favorite to take the six-stringed helm in arguably one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time. This is a genuinely good compilation with some of the most creative guitar work Integrity has ever seen. This comp also includes a 34 minute interview for those that are interested in that sort of thing. For those that aren't, the songs rule!

Charles Manson.

Tribe Called Hardcore

Creepout - Tribe Called Hardcore (2010)

I'm going on vacation to a town I've never spent time in and will never spend time in again. That means I need to listen to Japanese One Life Crew really loud and torture the locals. Get waste. See you dorks later.

Fuck I wish I had an Indians hat/jersey.

"Hey yo, my friend, how's it goin? I know you hate your shitty life, but don't be a fuckin' gay."

Orange Goblin / Electric Wizard Split

Orange Goblin / Electric Wizard Split (1997) (EP)

Concluding the Orange Goblin posting spree we have the split they did with Electric Wizard. The first track, Electric Wizard's seventeen minute Chrono.Naut, is a two-parter kicking things off with some serious business riffing before sliding gently into its spacey conclusion. Orange Goblin follows with two tracks, the first being Nuclear Guru (a mediocre track I don't have feelings for either way), the second being a cover of Black Sabbath's Hand of Doom that's actually pretty awesome. Not a must-have release by any stretch, but still a solid listen.


Time Travelling Blues

Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues (1998)

Actually, I think this one has usurped Planet Ten as my second favorite Orange Goblin record, so I retract my previous statement. Plus this one starts with a motorcycle revving. SICK.

Two L's.

Frequencies From Planet Ten

Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet Ten (1997)

Here's another one (my second favorite), if you liked the previously posted record. I'm not going to bother describing this album or this band because I'm tired and I'm lazy and I'm angry.

Second best.

The Big Black

Orange Goblin - The Big Black (2000)

Just trying to power through the rest of this stupid week so I can go on vacation this weekend. Arguably my favorite Orange Goblin record, this is definitely helping.


Quet Earth

Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth (2008)

I probably posted this album back when it came out. Here it is again because I recently blew the dust off it and it's still a fun record with some huge riffs. I think the album art is a good litmus test to see if you'll like the music.