Orchid - Capricorn (2011)

Yes. I am completely okay with any and all Sabbath worship. Just so happens this band does a sensationally good job at it. I think Doomantia said it best: "... While other Sabbathians such as Witchcraft come across as sounding like 'camp-fire' doom-rock, Orchid are the total opposite."

If you like Black Sabbath a lot you will like this band. A lot. In fact the third track Black Funeral literally sounds like a bizarro Sabbath song.

Camp Fire.

None So Vile

Cryptopsy - None So Vile (1996)

Slit Your Guts.


Truckfighters - Phi (2007)

I showed someone this band and they got really excited. Great fuzzed out rock from Sweden. Their album Gravity X is also worth noting and I probably would have got more cred points if I posted that one instead.


Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go

Fu Manchu - The Action Is Go (1997)

Someone mentioned this band today, so naturally all I've been listening to is this album. Here you go.



Immolation - Providence (2011)

New Immolation EP brought to you by Scion A/V oddly enough. Why Scion dabbles in death metal I have not a clue, but cool I guess, or whatever. It's being distributed for free tomorrow, but here it is a day early. I'm not going to describe the music because you know what Immolation sounds like.


The Tomb Awaits

Entrails - The Tomb Awaits (2011)

A beautiful and sensuous classical guitar intro leads into some seriously beefy death metal. I literally sat and thought about it for a few minutes, which word would I use to describe this sound? Beefy is what I came up with. An old school sound without sounding like they're playing tabs they got off the internet.

Here's a review from their shoutbox:

"New album very old! thank you!!!!!"


Opus Eponymous

Ghost - Opus Eponymous (2010)

I've been listening to really shitty music lately, so I'll just post this instead for those that have somehow missed it. Evil Lucifer loving music from Sweden.

Human Sacrifice.