Til Doden Os Skiller

Undergang - Til Doden Os Skiller (2012)

What's up you fucking freaks? Here's some crunchy, crusty, dark death metal from de Danske. I find it amusing when such evil music comes from such a happy little country. Or at least I assume Denmark is happy. Denmark should be happy.

Happy Denmark.


Utilitarian 2012

All Tomorrow's Funerals

Autopsy - All Tomorrow's Funerals (2012)

Compilation with remastered old songs and 4 new songs.
Sounds good.


Sorrow and Extinction

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction (2012)



Vulgaari - Vulgaari (2012)

I don't know anything about this band at all aside from the fact that they are from Minneapolis, Minnesota and play an unreasonably heavy and slightly spaced out brand of music you could make up all sorts of stupid names for. Funeral Sludge? Funeral sludge. Guys lets all listen to some Funeral Sludge. They tagged themselves as "biker metal death metal doom metal metal sludge metal stoner metal Minneapolis" if that helps. You can hear their entire album for FUCKING FREE RIGHT NOW ON THE INTERNET RIGHT HERE HOLY SHIT. You can also download it for free from there, or you can just click the link here.

Link here.

Red Tide Rising

Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising (2012)

I like this band, and this album isn't bad at all but their butt rock levels are at an all time high which will definitely kill some interest. Unless you like butt rock. Rock on butt rockers.


Integrity 2000

Integrity - Integrity 2000 (1999)

So many people that love Integrity hate this album. Why? WHY? It's so heavy I can only barely handle it. It crushes my brain and makes all my organs explode out of a cavity in my body of their own devising. This record is merely a gauntlet of irresponsibly heavy riffage that you will not survive.


Pallbearer News

Pallbearer Update: Their upcoming album Sorrow and Extinction will be streaming in full on monday via NPR's website. Probably my most anticipated doom release of the year. Sorry if you thought there was going to be a download link here. There isn't.

You can, however, stream a song off the album and read a review of it HERE.

Masters of Misery

Masters of Misery: Black Sabbath Tribute (1997)

Earache Black Sabbath tribute compilation.
Here's the track listing:

Wheels of Confusion - Cathedral
Snowblind - Sleep
Zero the Hero - Godflesh
Hole In The Sky - Confessor
Killing Yourself To Live - A.C.
Changes - Fudge Tunnel
Who Are You? - O.L.D.
Lord Of This World - Brutal Truth
Paranoid - Ultraviolence
N.I.B. - Pitchshifter
The Wizard - Scorn
Cornucopia - Iron Monkey
Solitude - Cathedral

Sleep covering Sabbath.

Consulting The Bones

Witchden - Consulting The Bones (2012)

Any band that labels themselves as doom blues is bound to get my attention for at least a brief moment. A visceral feel and tortured vocals definitely bring Eyehategod to mind, but that's hardly a bad thing. Witchden doesn't make my guts hurt like Eyehategod does, though. Blues heavy riffs that tend to plod along at a hypnotic pace make me feel more inclined to nod along rather than barf on my own shirt or whatever people do at Eyehategod shows. I've been to one, I don't know.