Live From The Underground

Big K.R.I.T. - Live From The Underground (Stream) (2012)

Seeing as how this blog is a total joke now, I figured I would share this because it's good and I want more people to hear it. Krit's newest effort (available June 5th) is now streaming in its entirety on NPR has been so on point with music lately, weird.



Quick Question: Baroness

Quick question, what do you guys think of this song?


Snail - Terminus (2012)

Guess what, you miserable cretins? Snail has a new album and boy howdy what a new one it is. It's good. It's very cool. It's Snail. They are from Seattle. It's called Terminus. It's a melodic, enjoyable doomy metaly album that still wields a mighty riff with authority. While I'll admit the last couple tracks are a kinda snoozers until Terminus takes it up a notch to end it, the album as a whole is a good time.

Next guess: Guess what you have to do to get this album? Go to their bandcamp page and pay them $0.00 like a total piece of shit. Deal with it. Or give them your money.