Happy Halloween

Instead of some stupid Misfits cover song youtube video, here's something that's actually really fucking cool:

W I Z A R D ' S

Black Masses

(Note: This link is not mine, so comment if it goes down so I can re-up. Idiotic spacing to keep my spot from getting blown up, this one's a doozy.)

Bongripper - Satan Worshiping Doom

Let's take a break from fast underproduced music and go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. Really, the band name, album title, and cover art say it all. Four tracks of massive, plodding, overbearing doom metal that's going to take all your teeth and make a necklace out of them. A little under an hour of weed smoke infused trudgery with a few interesting and unexpected riffs thrown in.

Hail Satan.

Total Abuse - Mutt

I love this record. I actually can't believe I never uploaded it. Just gone done blasting it loud as fuck and thought I'd make sure it was on the blog. Total Abuse is a horrible, nasty, disgusting band from Austin that makes gross music. I love it. If you like gross music as much as I do, so will you.

Ed Gein - Judas Goats and Diesel Eaters

I've recently been going back and listening to albums I was really into in my mid teenage years. You probably already know what there is to know about this band, so I won't go into it. I was surprised to still find this album pretty enjoyable. Might post more old stupid shit if nothing decent comes along.

Here it is.
Sabbah Navahthani - Self Titled

"Sabbah Navahthani play an incendiary style of Sludge Doom, with a hefty dose of D-beat Crust filth and a totally old-school Black Metal necro feeling throughout. As Christ’s Necro-chainsaw guitar riffs slice through Tas’ distorted snarls while the nothing short of absolutely crushing rythm section consisting of Tas’ trademark bulldozing bass sound and Philip’s brutal drumming, Sabbah Navahthani trudge along like some kind lumbering leviathan of a tank embellished with skulls, nails and chains."

The dude from Electric Wizard (Tasos) is in this band.
Manditory listening.