Cultes des Ghoules - Henbane (2013)

From Poland comes something truly sinister and ugly. Henbane is nearly an hour split across five haunting songs. Despite the length of each of the songs (all but one are over ten minutes in length) they never get seem to get long-winded or become uninteresting. Raw production values add to the gruesome aural presence without obscuring instrumentation. Hoity toity music dork guy talk aside, there are at least ten things you will hear on this album that will scare the shit out of you. From ritualized hypnotic cascades to terrifying inhuman utterances. That isn't to say this is just some extreme metal grossout, there are some truly inspired riffs that are allowed to stretch out and reach their full stride. Very cool. This is definitely top 10 material for 2013, don't sleep.

Vintage Black Magic.

Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs

Saprogenic - Expanding Toward Collapsed Lungs (2013)

Wait, I last updated this stupid shithole 4 months ago? That's ridiculous. I feel like I have aged eternally and lived a multitude of lifetimes since I last forcefed you mongrels punishing metal sounds. Well guess what, knucklehead? I'm here again. And I brought you something really dumb. Like, real real dumb. This band is called Saprogenic and they slam the sickness. WAIT DON'T LEAVE. This isn't some Devourment retardo metal, I promise. This isn't wigger slam, just some seriously brutal death metal. Gloriously produced and savagely heavy this is easily the best thing this band has ever recorded. I'm pretty fucking picky when it comes to brutal death, I can't stand most of the disgusting monotone throat fart vocals that all the metal tweens lap up. Fucking metal tweens ruining my scene. Thank Azathoth for 21+ shows. ANYHOO. This shit goes hard as fuck in the proverbial paint and will attempt to stomp your entire life into dust if you're too much of a pussy to stop it so listen at your own risk. Here's a juicy youtube to sample then click the link and get into some pit riffment.