Children of Desire

Merchandise - Children of Desire (2012)

Guys, I'm know I haven't been bringing the pain lately and I apologize, but I have to continue to bring you non-painful music for your needy earholes. I've been going over the ginormous text file that I keep all my 'good albums this year' in and I couldn't believe I haven't posted this gem yet. Merchandise are a very cool rock band that play songs that are both pleasing to the ear and interesting to the brain. I feel like most rock music struggles in that second category, but these guys do it well enough without seeming like a bunch of tryhards. The sound of the toms in 'In Nightmare Room' are enough for me to recommend this record. I'm sure it'll show up in a lot of year end lists outside the whole gross metal scene that I tend to linger in. Pay attention, nerd, something pretty important is happening here.

Here is the link.

His He She & She

Blawan - His He She & She (2012)

With this four song EP Blawan solidifies himself as the most punishing techno producer/DJ. This more recent offering is characteristically cold and dark with an added faint industrial aftertaste that doesn't overpower the palate. I've always loved the slightly sinister tinge this guy's output has had lurking in the background but I feel like he's completely embraced the darkness with this release as he moves from his bass oriented approach toward a more techno sound.

I don't really know what I'm talking about though, I'm just a weirdo that listens to Incantation worship bands.

Why they hide they bodies unda my garage?