Nothing good or memorable came out this year. Listen to this instead.
Maybe I'll post more often in 2011, but I wouldn't count on it.

Interment - Into The Crypts Of Blasphemy

Death metal from Sweden! Grimey old school sound, it's like the 1990's are back from the grave. One of my favorite death metal albums of 2010.

Sargeist - Let The Devil In

Still one of my favorite black metal bands. Old news, but I don't care. This album is good. Not their best, but good.

Sleepy Sun - Embrace

My favorite album as of late for when it's time to get utmost waste. Really cool psychedelic rock from northern California. Male and female vocals split duties. Might not fit with the usual fare of this blog, but I'm into it. The bass absolutely kills me, listen to it nice and loud.

Get waste.
Baader Brain - Baader Brains LP

My last post reminded me of this album. Of no relation to the very well known punk/reggae/hardcore group, obviously. This is really hard to explain. Rockin' hardcore punk laden with lots of samples and weird interludes. I've never been able to find much info on these dudes, so feel free to fill me in if you know something. A very interesting listen indeed!

Destroy the United States of America.
Bad Brains - I Against I

I'm a jaded old man. Nothing new is exciting anymore. I've been listening to this, though. My favorite Bad Brains album, a much more interesting sound in my opinion. Get in touch with Jah. He misses you.

Also, I'm loving how the cover art could easily be for a 80's gangster rap group.

Pay 2 Cum.