Welcome To Sky Valley

Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley (1994)

Welcome to Sky Valley is the third studio album by American stoner rock/metal band Kyuss, originally released on June 28, 1994.


At A Loss

Buzzov*en - At A Loss (1998)

Don't bring me down.

At A Loss.

Thee DestroyOrr

Integrity - Thee DestroyOrr (2011)

I'm gonna keep the clevo hardcore tip rolling. Maybe I'l post some OLC next (you fruits). I'm still awake for some reason, so here's Thee DestroyOrr. Rob Orr is an amazing guitarist and possibly my favorite to take the six-stringed helm in arguably one of my favorite hardcore bands of all time. This is a genuinely good compilation with some of the most creative guitar work Integrity has ever seen. This comp also includes a 34 minute interview for those that are interested in that sort of thing. For those that aren't, the songs rule!

Charles Manson.

Tribe Called Hardcore

Creepout - Tribe Called Hardcore (2010)

I'm going on vacation to a town I've never spent time in and will never spend time in again. That means I need to listen to Japanese One Life Crew really loud and torture the locals. Get waste. See you dorks later.

Fuck I wish I had an Indians hat/jersey.

"Hey yo, my friend, how's it goin? I know you hate your shitty life, but don't be a fuckin' gay."

Orange Goblin / Electric Wizard Split

Orange Goblin / Electric Wizard Split (1997) (EP)

Concluding the Orange Goblin posting spree we have the split they did with Electric Wizard. The first track, Electric Wizard's seventeen minute Chrono.Naut, is a two-parter kicking things off with some serious business riffing before sliding gently into its spacey conclusion. Orange Goblin follows with two tracks, the first being Nuclear Guru (a mediocre track I don't have feelings for either way), the second being a cover of Black Sabbath's Hand of Doom that's actually pretty awesome. Not a must-have release by any stretch, but still a solid listen.


Time Travelling Blues

Orange Goblin - Time Travelling Blues (1998)

Actually, I think this one has usurped Planet Ten as my second favorite Orange Goblin record, so I retract my previous statement. Plus this one starts with a motorcycle revving. SICK.

Two L's.

Frequencies From Planet Ten

Orange Goblin - Frequencies From Planet Ten (1997)

Here's another one (my second favorite), if you liked the previously posted record. I'm not going to bother describing this album or this band because I'm tired and I'm lazy and I'm angry.

Second best.

The Big Black

Orange Goblin - The Big Black (2000)

Just trying to power through the rest of this stupid week so I can go on vacation this weekend. Arguably my favorite Orange Goblin record, this is definitely helping.


Quet Earth

Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth (2008)

I probably posted this album back when it came out. Here it is again because I recently blew the dust off it and it's still a fun record with some huge riffs. I think the album art is a good litmus test to see if you'll like the music.