Gipsy Kings

Gipsy Kings - Gipsy Kings (1988)

Djobi, djoba.
Cada día yo te quiero mas.


Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves

Belzebong - Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves

First off, the fact that I've never come up with Belzebong before now is slightly upsetting. If you're a fan of the genre it's nothing you haven't heard before. It IS a pretty cool little EP though with a guitar tone that attempts to drown you. If you don't like stoner metal, this definitely won't convert you. If you do, it might be worth a listen. Also, this is literally one of the only links I could find, I apologize for the non-mediafire download.


Get Waste: 420 Stoner Riffs

While I'm not really into "weed culture", April 20th is a day for all true Hessian warriors to rise out of a sea of weed fog and unite. It's also an excuse to GET WASTE. So here I humbly bestow upon you a random collection of albums I will no doubt be listening to today. Many of these have probably been posted here before, but we both know you don't actually download anything I post. You just look at it and nod. Proceed the weedian.

Stonehelm - Stonehelm (2010)

Huge dumb riffs with huge dumb lyrics about smoking weed. Perfect. While this album lacks any true staying power that would make it a classic of the genre, it's definitely a lot of fun.

Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality (1971)

Arguably my favorite album by arguably the best band. If you don't like this album, or Black Sabbath, please stop reading my blog. You aren't wanted here.

Bongripper - Satan Worshiping Doom (2010)

Album of the year for me in 2010. I haven't been 'trapped in the riff' for quite as long by any other band. If you've never been trapped in a riff before, today is your day.

Queens of The Stone Age - Self Titled (1998)

Awesome rock album that I don't think they will ever top. While I definitely celebrate the entire catalogue, this is the obvious stand-out that I spin at least once a week.

Scientist - Scientist Rids the World of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires (1981)

Dub music for when the night is winding down. Yes, that is a group of Jamaicans on a pontoon boat battling Count Dracula, The Mummy, and Frankenstein with their riddim.

To Be Continued.....?


Alice In Chains - Dirt

I think it's gonna rain when I die.


Super Tight

UGK - Super Tight

Metal hasn't been too good to me lately, so here's one of my favorite releases in Southern hip-hop history. The production on this album blows my mind every time I listen to it.

R.I.P. Pimp C

Return of the Trill Ass Niggas.

Gimme Yuh Haht, Make It Real, Or Fahgetaboutit.

RIP Kurt.
I still think of this song before you when I think of 90's music. Sorry duder.


Wormrot - Dirge

Singapore grinders are back with a new and absolutely furious album, twenty-five tracks into eighteen minutes. So far 2011 has been a great year for the grind. Also, how badass is this album cover? Unlike GridLink with all their stupid kabuki machine-gun bullshit.



GridLink - Orphan

It's here and boy howdy is it a shredder. 12 minutes of serious business.