Magic Circle

Magic Circle - Magic Circle (2013)

This record is pretty unreal. A bunch of Boston hardcore dropouts (though don't assume their pedigree is less than solid) that decided to make some of the best traditional doom metal I've heard in at least a grip. Maybe even two grips. They most definitely worship at the Sabbathian altar though they are far from a strict Sabbath clone. They bring their own flavors to the stew. That metaphor kind of sucked. Oh well.

Get Waste.

Pissed Jeans "Bathroom Laughter" Video

Check out this new Pissed Jeans video. It's very cool.


The Soul's Midnight

Ice Dragon - The Soul's Midnight (2013)

First things first. Let's just take a moment to sit back and ponder the extraordinary volume of work these fine gentlemen have managed to produce in the past year. In 2012 Ice Dragon managed to release three full length records and two split records. Some reactions to this might include: "What?" or "Holy moly.". Both of these responses are both acceptable and correct.

Anyway, right now we are looking at the first output of the glorious year 2013 from these guys. The Soul's Midnight is a supremely druggy doom fest that wanders from spaced out vibrations to megabang riffs with vocals echoing proudly in the distance. This is pretty neat.

You can get the record for however many dollars you wish to pay at their bandcamp page.

Get Waste.

New Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

New joint from everybody's favorite creepy uncle. The upcoming 7" should be interesting to say the least.


Ofermod - Thaumiel (2012)

The sheer scale of this release can make it hard to truly wrap your stupid little brain around. The songs are on the longer side (we're talking like six or seven minutes here, calm down) but not drawn out. The sound is far more death oriented than their previous releases, but I like my death metal tinged with black metal not the other way around so it's cool with me.

There are a couple confusing moments but they're brief and soon forgotten as the pummeling riffs scour your brain like steel wool. Or anything abrasive, really. Use your imagination.

Get Waste.