Phobia - Unrelenting

New Phobia EP. That alone warrants a listen.


Decrepit Birth - Polarity

Death Metal purist basement dwellers are going to complain about this. I don't care. I really like this album. It's probably due to the fact I was raised on Michael Schenker, but the triumphantly lofty and harmonic riffs always make my boner rage. But don't let that fool you. It's heavy without being wig-slamz, and technical without devolving into a stupid masturbatory weedle-weedle-weedly-weeeeeeeeee circle jerk. Vocals are cool as well.

Iron Lung - Sexless//No Sex

This is the only record I listen to anymore. It's flawless. That's really all I have to say about it. It's also worth noting how many times iron lungs actually come up lyrically, it cracks me up. If you don't already have this album, stop flushing your life down the toilet and spend the rest of it listening to this.

Rats Eyes - Rats Eyes 7"

Hardcore punk band featuring Gabe Serbian of The Locust doing his best Henry Rollins impression. A fairly interesting listen, but I'm more interested in where this will go in the future.

Find your way to the bottom.

Wolves In The Throne Room - Malevolent Grain

Released in 2009, I picked up the LP and have only spun it a couple times since. I recently listened to it really late at night while half drunk and exceptionally tired and really enjoyed it. Wah wah! Hipster black metal. Wah! Pitchfork! Who gives a fuck? I like this band a lot. One of the two tracks even features vocals from Jamie Myers of Hammers Of Misfortune fame.

Winter now converges.
Society Nurse - Junk Existence

It's been long enough and supplies of the 7" are low enough now that I can in good conscience post this record. I absolutely love this band, probably my third favorite band in Seattle behind Walls and of course the mighty Iron Lung. Society Nurse plays an ugly brand of hardcore that I find completely refreshing, even though this genre seems to be on the upswing (not that I'm complaining!) This is definitely a recommended listen if you've enjoyed some of the other more visceral hardcore I've been posting lately. Again, this isn't my link as I recently moved and have internet so shitty my own uploads all time out, so let me know if it goes down and I can try to fix it.

They have some new material in the works, so keep your ear to the ground if you enjoy this.

Junk Existence