Burning Love - Don't Ever Change

Burning Love - Songs For Burning Lovers

Believe me when I say I know exactly how much weight this description holds: This band sounds like Pissed Jeans if they were a hardcore band fronted by Chris Colohan (of Cursed fame). And I say that because Chris Colohan does actually front this band. Burning Love is going to be the next big thing,get in on the ground floor. I present to you two offerings, the first a two song demo, the second a full length record. Enjoy yourself.

I normally don't say (or type) shit like this, but I cannot recommend this band enough. I was blown away the first time I heard them and I am one jaded motherfucker. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS.


Ross C. said...

Pissed Jeans + Cursed? I'm fucking sold. You're a huge stud.