Smear Campaign

Napalm Death - Smear Campaign (2006)

The initial screeches on this record throw me off every single time I put it on. I absolutely adore Barney's voice. I think it's one of the most burly, beefy, visceral vocal deliveries in aggressive music. But those first squeaky screechy sounds, fuck do they put me off. After the first bar or two he's back to his usual awesomeness though, so don't worry dudes (I know you were worrying about it). What makes Barney so awesome is even when he just goes "Oooo!" or "Guhhhh!" it sounds so fucking brutal it makes my vertebrae rattle. And I don't mean brutal in a breakdowns and flatbill caps kind of way. I mean pulling your intestines out of your mouth and shoving them back up your asshole kind of way. Sure this album came out in 2006. Sure you pretend to love Scum. Who cares. I sure as fuck don't.