Ominous Bloodline

Bedheaded - Ominous Bloodline (2005)

First things first, I found out about this album via Illogical Contraption, and if you don't frequent that ridiculous cesspool you probably should. Anyway, I'm really picky about my brutal death metal. I won't just sit here and listen to any ol' slam (Attn Japanese wiggers: This is not a slam album), but this album appeals to me for some weird reason despite horrible clickety clackity of the drums. Really the only reason I even listened to it was because they didn't go with a shitty name they picked out of an anatomy textbook. Despite this less than glowing review, this record has had my speakers going hammer on the way to and from work for the past week or so.

Bammer bammer bammer.


John Henry Eden said...

Dawg, this band is called Beheaded.