Pyramid of The Necropolis

War Master - Pyramid of The Necropolis (2011)

This is one of those posts that sat in draft form for over a month and never got posted because I hate this blog almost as much as you do. It's like a relative that I don't like but feel obligated to visit. Except this shitty blog doesn't send me $20 around the holidays.

War Master is a death metal band from Houston, Texas that plays music reminiscent of Bolt Thrower, which I consider to never be a bad thing (likewise to all Incantation wannabes).

War Master

***NOTE: Because Mediafire purged most of the larger accounts (I have a Motorhead recorded uploaded with over 10,000 downloads yet my account is still active so I have no idea what's going on) links will come from wherever I find them. Sorry for the CONVENIENCE.