Children of Desire

Merchandise - Children of Desire (2012)

Guys, I'm know I haven't been bringing the pain lately and I apologize, but I have to continue to bring you non-painful music for your needy earholes. I've been going over the ginormous text file that I keep all my 'good albums this year' in and I couldn't believe I haven't posted this gem yet. Merchandise are a very cool rock band that play songs that are both pleasing to the ear and interesting to the brain. I feel like most rock music struggles in that second category, but these guys do it well enough without seeming like a bunch of tryhards. The sound of the toms in 'In Nightmare Room' are enough for me to recommend this record. I'm sure it'll show up in a lot of year end lists outside the whole gross metal scene that I tend to linger in. Pay attention, nerd, something pretty important is happening here.

Here is the link.