This is Part Two. You can see Part One here at your leisure.

40 Watt Sun - The Empty Room

This album is a depressing fog of 'doom' that will wash over you and bum you out. Definitely not doom in any sort of the classical sense. More like buttrock slowed down and fuzzed out. Either way, Very Cool.

Necros Christos - Doom of the Occult

More 'doom', this time blacky-deathy with lots of weird nerd shit in between the songs. A supremely sinister and Very Cool aural assault. That link is even 320 kbps so you can hear all the nerd shit extra good.

Blessed Offal - Blessed Offal

This EP was horribly overlooked this year. While it isn't groundbreaking (not that anything I listen to ever is) it definitely deserves quite a bit more attention than it's gotten. Basically what I'm trying to say is Blessed Offal put out some Very Cool doom-laden death this year.

Yob - Alta

Yob released an album this year, so as one would expect here it is. On a list at the end of it. Very cool.