Obsidian Codex

Vassafor - Obsidian Codex (2012)

Yet another source of evil radiating from the southern hemisphere. Vassafor recently unleashed this double LP Obsidian Codex, an oppressive blackened fog that hangs heavy. Dark melodies are shrouded in a deep and swarming din, distant voices shrieking and growling from the depths of the mix. This isn't just another murky blackened epic, though. Doomed influences reveal themselves fully in some of the longer passages, the longest of the ten tracks over twenty-three minutes. A couple of the more lengthy songs may test this zealot's dedication but for the most part these Kiwi weirdos do a pretty great job of keeping things interesting or at least hypnotic enough to keep me entranced.

Play it extremely loud. Easily year-end-list worthy, Very Cool.

New Zealand.