Satan Worshipping Doom

Bongripper - Satan Worshipping Doom (2010)

Easily my favorite record of 2010 this has to be at least the third time I've posted this album here. But I still feel compelled to do so every so often, essentially whenever I'm confronted and awestruck by the sheer crushing force of this shit. From the straight-forward blunt force riffing of the initial track Hail to the shredding black metal influence that eventually gives way to even bleaker doom riffs of Satan. The positively monumental riffing of Worship to the dark and noisey finale in Doom. This shit is good and if it was a physical entity it would beat up your whole family and all your pets at the same time with a cudgel. This is probably the heaviest record of all time and if you expose your children to at a young enough age I can almost guarantee they will develop magickal talents and psychic abilities beyond your wildest fathomings. Embrace the riff lest it be your ruin.



Ryan Ragsdale said...

Showing me this album was one of the greatest friendship gifts you ever gave me. THX BRO.